We are a jail/prison ministry on a mission from God!

Our  mission is having successful, reformed felons help incarcerated and current inmates know that they are KINGS and PRIESTS

About Me

My Background


Arrested at 15 for a shooting I was already using drugs and alcohol for a few years. This was the beginning of self destructive life style that led me to becoming homeless and smoking crack on the streets of N.Y. by age 19. 

I then got a one way ticket to Colorado  from a family member on the condition of staying sober. Within weeks I was homeless again completely ostracized by my family. I would then find myself bouncing in and out of jail and prison on and off probation and parole until i was 40 years old.  

Broke and homeless I decided I wanted a different life. I learned about Jesus in jails and prisons ( 7 times in/out of prison). Decided that I wanted something different with my life. This meant I had to live differently. Do things different. Change was needed. I read Revelations 5:10 before getting out of prison the last time in 2010. It said I was a KING and a PRIEST!

"Well then," I thought, " I'd better step into who God created me to be. He died for me to enter into His royal priesthood."

I remember thinking, " My grandfather didn't escape the Nazis ( I was born Jewish, my grandparents all Holocaust survivor's ) so I could spend my life doing drugs, being a criminal, abandoning my family, running the streets as a thug. NO. I would not spend the rest of my days like this!"

God kept having me ask myself, "How do you want to spend the rest of your day's?" 

I didn't know where to start. 

"I'm a King and I'm a Priest!" 

So I studied what that scripture meant and it spoke to my heart. The seeds had been planted. The new creation God said I was began to grow.

Today my life is very rewarding. Rich with love and opportunity after opportunity to serve God. I believe God saved me from my addiction and a life of incarceration so I could help lead others to Him. 

My Hobbies


I am owner of American Krav Maga and author of Pitbull Bouncer.

As a Krav Maga black belt instructor I enjoy teaching people how to keep themselves safe while empowering them to walk in peace. Helping people reach their God given potential is my goal.

Time with my family is priceless and this is what I do when I am not working.